The Dedication Of Betsy DeVos Continues To Produce Positive Results In America’s Educational System

The Dedication Of Betsy DeVos Continues To Produce Positive Results In America’s Educational System

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist who is also very passionate about helping Americans to have educational freedom. She grew up in Holland, Michigan where she learned to appreciate educational choice. There, she attended a private Christian high school until she became of age. She then studied at Calvin College, which is a private Christian college. At the college, she became very involved in politics, and this followed her into her life afterwards. In the state of Michigan, DeVos has served as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and has also been a part of ensuring that the state offers help to those who want a better education for their children.


Betsy DeVos was asked in an interview to talk about how she feels about the state of educational choice in the United States today. She commented that she continues to be optimistic and is happy to see that private-choice programs are being offered in many different states now. She pointed to statistics that have shown that educational choice programs are growing rapidly and revealed that there are new programs in many different U.S. states that continue to grow, as well. While many of her detractors have worked to make it appear as though the programs she supports help the wealthy, she has pointed to evidence that shows quite the opposite. In fact, polls have discovered that many low income families and Latino families have benefited from educational choice legislation.


Betsy DeVos has always been a woman of her word and stands firmly with many different people who support educational choice. Recently, she visited many different schools in Florida to show her support of the educational system in that state. She was joined by Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan on one of her tours recently, and she also made an appearance with the rapper Pitbull at one of the charter schools he started up. She has consistently held Florida up as one of the top educational choice states and recently revealed that the state now serves more than 50,000 students who are attending a school that their family approves of.


Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States, and she continues to do everything she can to make the educational system in the nation better. While there are many people who oppose Betsy DeVos and the changes she hopes to see, there are just as many who support her. As a woman of conscience, she simply does what she believes is right, and she doesn’t worry about who approves or who doesn’t. America is lucky to have a woman like Mrs. DeVos working for all of its people, and there is no doubt that many more positive changes in the educational system will come about because of her dedication.


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