The Notable Progress Of InnovaCare Courtesy of Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

The Notable Progress Of InnovaCare Courtesy of Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

With a proven track record of the care and expertise they employ in ensuring their patients are looked after properly, InnovaCare Health believes in an advanced and smarter healthcare to meet the needs of the people of Puerto Rico. The leadership of this healthcare is well established and experienced in matters to do with health presenting over 120 years of combined working experience. They are the best human force that this healthcare organization needs so as to meet the increasing demand in this industry.

Leading the company is Rick Shinto who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare Health with his colleague Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization. These two renowned pillars of InnovaCare Health alongside other experienced employees have made the organization famous and outstanding as it is today.

The services offered by this organization are blended with progressive technology where every person believes that patients are their priority. This makes them ensure that every need of the customer is well-met while working in line with their vision and mission of creating a healthcare that caters to the needs of their patients fully.

Dr. Rick Shinto has over 2 decades of experience in this field which he gained from his vast service at MMM Healthcare, Medical Pathway Management and also in PMC Medical. He has served at NAMM, California as the CEO. NAMM partnered with The Straus Group and after 8 years, the company was able to acquire MMM Healthcare, Puerto Rico. Later they sold NAMM and formed InnovaCare Health which operated MMM. It has grown immensely to enter the Medicaid and Medicare market.

Dr. Penelope Kokkinides has served at the organization as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President in Clinical Operations. She has an extensive experience and knowledge in this field presenting over 20 years of working experience. She is a guru when it comes to clinical programs and various healthcare processes. She has previously worked for Touchstone Healthcare, AmerChoice, and Centerlight Healthcare.

Recently, Penelope Kokkinides was among the 8 women form Caregiver Organizations invited to the White House by Donald Trump to discuss matters to do with health. She used this opportunity to express the underlying health care problems in Puerto Rico. She requested more funding for the healthcare system of Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health is always on the lookout of professional like Management Consultant, Nurses, Administrators, Physicians, Biomedical Engineer, Financial Analyst, Architect, and economists. Skills in Data Analysis, Program Management, GIS systems, Project Management, Client Management, Persuasive Communication, Advisory Services and International health systems.


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  1. The idea is all about bringing change into the system and as we can see with InnovaCare Health they are really ready to service the need of the people. Having a very good narrative like the health problems the people of Puerto Rico has massively been addressed by the programs that she and her team has put in place.

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