The Darker Side to The Chainsmokers

The Darker Side to The Chainsmokers

If you’ve heard of The Chainsmokers, you’d know that they have been turning out EDM/Pop hits now for the past couple years. Their songs have always been catchy and you can still hear them being played on the radio. But, this go around they decided to take a different approach in the style of music they will be putting out.

The Chainsmokers have recently come out with a new single called Sick Boy. You will definitely notice a distinct change in the mood of the song. People have been saying that this new single is in some ways a lot darker than their other singles they’ve put out. Considering they’ve taken nine months to come out with this new song, I don’t necessarily thing it’s a bad thing.

This new darker path will be a continuing pattern for their next couple songs they put out as well. The Chainsmokers are comprised of the talented duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Although, in a lot of their older songs they mostly worked behind the scenes as producers, lately they’ve been trying their hand at also singing. But don’t worry, this won’t stop them from collaborating with others.

The two producers are always trying to keep their content relatable and I think that’s why their music has taken such a dark turn. Everything they write has to do with what it feels like living in this world in this day and age. And I think many can agree that as of lately it’s just a little frustrating.

In a time where so many people, younger and older a like, depend so much on the image the portray on social media, it can be hard to keep up appearances. So many people believe everything they see and hear on social media with so many things being lost in translation. They are so quick to believe anything that is written is the truth, good or bad.

The Chainsmokers through out their career have always pushed themselves to constantly made better music and I feel as though that it why are still so popular. They are not afraid to push the boundaries in the music and content that they are producing. That attitude is what I believe will keep pushing them to the top.

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