Rocketship Education And MAP Work Hand in Hand

Rocketship Education And MAP Work Hand in Hand

Tennessee schools just introduced the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)assessment in their elementary schools. Following years of unmeasured growth in student scores, MAP grants a tracking system for teachers looking to compare scores of students from the start of the year to the end. Teachers also find assessments like this helpful in examining their own teaching methods. Current test assessments only reveal the scores of students at the moment of a specific test, however, they do not allow for a broader spectrum of score growth. MAP actually pushes parents to track their children’s progress throughout the school year. Teachers see growth as the biggest indicator of student potential. When teachers sent school reports of MAP, the parents will know exactly what their kids are learning and the effect of school on their children.

One teacher has spoken about his school’s use of MAP since the beginning. The school is located in California and is part of the Rocketship network of schools. Rocketship schools are charter schools aimed for students of lower income neighborhoods throughout the country. This Rocketship teacher claims MAP gave him and his network the ability to measure the potential of their students. Rocketship closed 146 student score gaps during the previous school year thanks to evaluations like MAP.

According to Rocketship, the MAP assessment allows for everyone to observe how adequate teaching provide any students regardless of income level the potential to reach high test scores. Rocketship began in 2006 as a non-profit organization targeting students of diverse backgrounds and diverse economic levels. Rocketship provides system where parents can are directly involved in their kids’ education and development. According to their webpage, Rocketship has graduated 15,000 students, with 85% coming from lower income families. Rocketship combines three aims to reach their goal. One of the aims relies on the individualized support given to their students. The second aim is to enhance student talent in the classroom by good teaching. The third aim involves parents caring for their children’s education. MAP is a helping hand to charter schools like Rocketship, giving them the tools necessary for success.

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