Tony Petrello Is A Humanitarian Who Works Hard To Give As Much As He Can To Those In Need

Tony Petrello Is A Humanitarian Who Works Hard To Give As Much As He Can To Those In Need

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries and one of the highest paid CEO’s in the United States. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and a Masters Degree in Mathematics while studying at Yale University and also received a J.D. degree while studying at Harvard Law School.

Petrello graduated from Yale in 1976 and has, since, decided to honor his math professor Serge Lang by contributing a minimum of $150,000 to set up a yearly scholarship prize at Yale University. Lang passed away recently, and while Tony Petrello attended his memorial service, he announced that he would setting up the fund. Petrello also offered to match any other donations up to an additional $150,000 and hopes that the endowment will reach $450,000.

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Anthony Petrello also recently welcomed Tommy Tune back to his hometown of Houston by inviting the Broadway star, along with a group of friends, and the Miller Outdoor Theater Advisory Board to his Shadyside estate to enjoy a party. Tommy leaned his initial dancing skills from his teacher Patsy Swayze who is a Houston-based dance teacher. He then moved off to New York City where he has enjoyed plenty of success. He was back in Houston to star in “Tommy Tune Tonight,” which attracted thousands of people, and he was happy to be able to enjoy a night at the Petrello’s estate where he enjoyed being entertained, dining on some appetizers, and listening to music. Tommy Tune has won numerous Tony Awards for his Broadway performances, and the city of Houston has honored him by setting up the yearly Tommy Tune Awards, which honors Houston-based musical theater teachers.

Tony Petrello is a man who just gives and gives and continues to do so when the need arises for his help. When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and hit Houston as well as other surrounding towns, he, along with Nabors Industries, responded swiftly. Instead of forcing employees to stay at work while the city and other parts of the state suffered, Tony Petrello as CEO of Nabors Industries allowed its employees to take paid days off from work so they could get out and help people who had been hit the hardest. Petrello also matched donations made by employees of Nabors to the tune of $173,622. Nabors Industries, under Petrello’s watch, also opened up its own on-site kitchen to prepare three meals a day that were given to local families in need.

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