How To Pursue Greatness Like Doe Deere

How To Pursue Greatness Like Doe Deere

Greatness comes in many different forms and in many different fashions. Greatness doesn’t have the ability to discriminate as anyone with strong passion can achieve their own sense of greatness. When it comes to the beauty business, there are plenty of great companies/brands. On the other hand, there are plenty of bad brands that never live-up to their hype. Lime Crime doesn’t have to worry about any bad titles because it has displayed greatness ever since its birth back in 2008. This eclectic cosmetics line seems to be ahead of its time. Doe Deere, founder of the company, has a firm understanding on how to make a business great.


This phenomenal woman lives in sunny Los Angeles, California, but she was born in Russia. This combination of Russian and American style has manifested into a top selling cosmetics brand. Lime Crime’s colors are far from ordinary. She entered this specific niche after noticing how lacking of color the industry really was. As of today, Lime Crime boats some of the most fascinating and exciting tones. This includes:


  • Flamingo (hot pink)


  • Black Velvet


  • Utopia (vivid blue)


  • Red Velvet


  • Scandal ( intense plum)


  • Wicked (blood red)


  • Pink Velvet


  • Zenon (glitter gold)


  • Suedeberry (orange spice)


  • Beet It (purple)


  • Alien (neon green


  • And many others



There is no other cosmetics brand that is offering colors like this. There is no other cosmetics brand that is willing to go this route. The brand’s Velvetine Collection is very popular, and it consists of the exclusive liquid-matte lipsticks. These lipsticks glide on very smooth, and they’re long lasting. Lime Crime has a host of extraordinary makeup products thanks to its success. Lip toppers, lip gloss, eyeliner, eye-shadow palettes, nail polish, glitter, hair dye and more. Deere has stated that it took the company less than a year to start earning capital. Of course, this implies to her fashion line. For her cosmetics line, success and money jumped-off very early.


There is no disrespect to the fashion line, but the cosmetics line is where the action is at. Deere noticed how favorable the cosmetics were with people of all ages and genders. Lime Crime is unisex to a certain extent as both men and women use the products religiously. Doe Deere has displayed pure dominance via Lime Crime, but the best is yet to come.


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