Giving Back To Communities The Dick DeVos Style

Giving Back To Communities The Dick DeVos Style

In the social circles of the wealthy class in West Michigan, an individual’s influence comes from the much they can give to charity. The DeVos have been at the apex this social clout for eons. Some of the families in West Michigan that the DeVos share the same principles include Van Andel and the Meijers.


The DeVos dynasty alone accounts for over $1.2 billion in lifetime giving according to media reports. According to Forbes, the family donated $94 million to charity in 2014 alone. At the center of this acts of Kindness is Dick DeVos. The businessman has carried the family name well in the circles of philanthropy and business.


Dick Devos is the son of self-made multi-billionaire Dick Devos Sr. Dick Devos owns a basketball club and a motor company, which has made them billions of dollars over the years. Dick Devos is also the husband to U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. The Devos are estimated to be on the top 100 wealthiest families in the world according to Forbes.


Whenever the subject of education crops up, the name Devos comes to mind. This is because Dick Devos and his wife Betsy have been on the frontline advocating for reforms in the education system. They are philanthropists who have always been driven to give back to the unfortunate in the society. The couple believes it is their purpose to serve and help the needy. They have demonstrated this through many initiatives. Together they have a joint mission to reform the education sector and ensure marginalized communities afford a quality education.


The state of Michigan is one of the significant beneficiaries of their programs. The couple is the founders of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Education. The organization has an aim of spearheading reforms in the education system.


Through the Education Freedom Fund Program, over 4,000 students have accessed scholarships and grants that have enabled them to pursue a quality education. Some of the schools that have greatly benefited from this program are Northwood University and Thunderbird School of Global Management. Dick and Betsy also provide introduced vouchers to students at schools.


Dick Devos has significantly helped in the growth of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. His passion for aviation led to his provision of opportunities to students in the school. This is through giving them scholarships to pursue this career. The couple is also the founders of the Devos Institute of Arts Management, which nurtures talent including music.


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