Fabletics Utilizing New Marketing Tactics to Take on Amazon

Fabletics Utilizing New Marketing Tactics to Take on Amazon

When actress Kate Hudson and the company JustFab collaborated to develop a women’s online sportswear design in 2013, many assumed it wouldn’t amount to much.


Instead, in just a few short years, the Fabletics brand has grown by leaps and bounds and may now even be ready to take on even e-commerce giant Amazon when it comes to fitness apparel.


What began as a new apparel design in the field “athleisure” has eventually morphed into a business worth over $250 million and features 18 brick-and-mortar stores around the United States.


Founded in Oct. 1, 2013, the Fabletics brand quickly caught on as an online subscription retailer in women’s sportswear. The company showcased fashionable sporting outfits for women that could also be worn for everyday use, allowing women in fitness to avoid changing during trips to the gym or the aerobics room. In the process, the materials used are environmentally-supported and are economically cheaper.


Consumers can subscribe at a monthly rate and receive a monthly package from the company as well as the separate ones they choose to buy.


In 2015, men’s fitness clothing was introduced by Fabletics, further expanding their reach in the industry. By March 2016, swimsuits and dresses were being added to the company’s clothing inventory.


Those who are interested in Fabletics and are curious about which gear specifically fits them should take the site’s lifestyle quiz to find out.


Hudson herself remains actively involved in the brand as the Fabletics site regularly lists her favorite attire picks. She wants the brand to remain “all-inclusive” in that the attire brand is accessible to everyone. The reasonable pricing plan as well as the different amount of sizes available certainly suggest that.


A reason why Fabletics has continued to fare well deals with the quick adjustment the company has made in connecting its online presence with its actual stores. Fabletics is known for using reverse showrooming as a way to draw in customers. Its online site allows prospective customers to view the many different products. Often, customers see something online they like and then go to the actual showroom itself to complete the purchase. Along the way, a few even sign up for Fabletics’ online VIP membership, making them a steady and consistent client for months at a time.


Because of all this success, Fabletics is making inroads against even Amazon which controls about 20 percent of the industry through its e-commerce service.

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