Roberto Santiago is Transforming the Entertainment Facilities in Brazil

Roberto is a prominent Brazilian business person and the owner of the prominent Manaira Shopping Mall located in Paraiba. Roberto is also a trader and a sportsperson. Santiago started his professional life as a writer. He started a blog with the vast knowledge he had of his country. Roberto wrote many articles that made him famous in Brazil. Santiago is also the proprietor of the Mangabeira Shopping Mall which was launched in November 2014.


Manaira is one of the biggest malls in Brazil. It was constructed from 1987 to 1989. It was built according to the set international standards. The mall is strategically positioned at the heart of Manaira, Joao Pessoa, making it a convenient shopping center for people living in the Manaira area. The mall is recognized as the largest commercial venture in the State of Paraiba. The enterprise has over 300 stores and 75,000 m2 of GLA (Gross Leasable Area).


Manaira Shopping Center offers incredible bowling alleys, movie theatre complex, leisure area, hyper-store, restaurants, food court, shopping area, garden, ball room, and many other services including a college, gymnasium, and banks. The mall has ample parking space that can hold over 3,100 cars. The mall also has an amusement Park Game Station containing more than 200 gaming machines in the entertainment grid. The bowling alley is a great haven for adults and kids to enjoy their favorite games. The alley is always filled with fun loving people of all ages.


Manaira Shopping Complex is a real reflection of Santiago’s devotion to offering diverse forms of leisure, recreational, and fun options to the mall’s visitors and clients. The mall is the ultimate complex for leisure and fun. It contains 11 cinemas, equipped with the state-of-the-art cinema projection technology and excellent bar services. The cinemas are characterized by 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and the interactive Stadium System.


The Manaira Shopping Center is the home to Domus Hall, one of the largest concert halls in Brazil. The hall has modern structure and has a capacity of 10,000 standing people and 4,000 sitting people. The hall has two floors for accommodating guests. The second floor is more furnished and has private cabins that can hold ten people. Each cabin has access to lounge music and dressing rooms. The ground floor can be manipulated for events, stand-ups, graduations, fairs, mega shows, weddings, and private events.


Roberto Santiago is a successful sportsman. He was the first Brazilian to attain the Brazilian Kart Championship. Santiago took the first-place trophy in the State Championship several times. He has an entrepreneurial and aggregating vision. Santiago is always keen and notices opportunities that go unnoticed by many. He started his career at Café Santa Rosa and currently he is a great entrepreneur in Brazil and over the Country.


Rare Corpse Flower to Bloom at Orange Coast College

Located in Costa Mesa, California Orange Coast College is the third largest college in Orange County, based on population size. The college offers a variety of two-year associate of art and science degrees, lower-division classes (which are transferable to other colleges and universities), as well as certificates of achievement. The college currently enrolls 24,000 students.

Orange Coast College boasts 68 years of championship tradition in athletics. The college has won the Orange Empire Conference Sports Supremacy Award 26 times in the past 30 years. The trophy signifies the conference’s top overall men’s and women’s athletic program. Orange Coast College offers a wide array of sports for both men and women. Men’s teams include baseball, basketball, crew, cross country and football to name a few. Women’s teams include basketball, cheerleading/dance, cross country, golf, beach volley and soccer to name a few.

Starting June 28th, a rare prize other than a sports trophy, will be gracing the campus of Orange Coast College. A rare flower called the corpse flower will be on display at the school’s administration building on 2701 Fairview Road from 10 am-6 pm. Once the flower blooms, visitors will be allowed to stay and view the flower until 10 pm.

The corpse flower is named for it’s scent which is said to smell like a human corpse. The plant has been named “Little Dougie” and has been at the college for over ten years. “Little” Dougie is a massive plant, weighing in at thirty pounds and around five feet tall. Despite the smell, the plant produces a spectacular magenta bloom with a fleshy spike in the center. The bloom is so beautiful that in 2014 over 1,000 visitors came to Orange Coast College to get a view of “Little John,” an 11-year-old corpse flower housed by the college.

One can only imagine the crowds “Little Dougie” will draw. The spectacle has been long awaited by horticulturalists at the college, as corpse flowers take about a decade to make their first bloom. When visiting the flower, donations of $3.00 are much appreciated, and will go directly to the college’s horticulture scholarship program.

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UKV PLC – UK Investment Wine Company

UKV PLC is a wine investment company that is located in the United Kingdom. UKV PLC allows for the opportunity to invest in many different types of wine along with the ability to try different varieties. If you love wine and love trying different options, you will want to check out the advantages to becoming a member with this investment company. There are many different types of advantages to contracting with UKV PLC which include your very own wine consultant, a variety of wine options and your very own storage methods. We all know that the value of wine increases with age, so you won’t have to worry about losing value on your delicate bottle of wine that you just purchased.

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UKV PLC has a small team of wine consultants that are dedicated to providing the best wine options on the market. They have years of extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, and can help you select the perfect bottle of wine for your collection. They also have champagne options that they can help you with. The consultants can schedule a personal phone call to discuss the options associated with becoming a member and purchasing a wine product, or they can schedule a face to face meeting if you’d rather prefer that method. UKV PLC is an independent wine company that is not connected to a single supply chain. They work with many large wine networks with many different brokers to supply the best possible wine options available on the market. The business is built around the fine wine and champagne sold to both private parties as well as businesses and trade customers. They work with the requirements and demands of each client to ensure that the finest grade of wine is developed, manufactured and sold with patients satisfaction as their number one priority.

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