Arizona Business Consultant Jason Hope Discusses High And Low Impact Security Risks For The IoT

Jason Hope is a futurist and philanthropist who resides in and works from Scottsdale, Arizona. His primary business is Jason Hope Business Consulting, a firm that advises investors, inventors and entrepreneurs on how to take their business to the next level through growth and new investments.

One of Mr. Hope’s greatest interests is the internet of things. The following is a brief recap of the article published on where Jason Hope describes high and low-impact security risks found in the internet of things.

Jason Hope says that high-impact risks pose serious problems to the general public at large when they are found in the internet of things. The high-impact risk includes a smart car which can be hacked and taken over by a hacker. The hacker can then crash the vehicle and cause harm to the occupants of the car or the general public.

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Despite not being the most dangerous and most well known risk in the internet of things, small-impact risks are just as important to address in the internet of things. A small-impact risk is one where a chip in a fitness tracker or smart toy such as a furby gets hacked. While the risk of injury or serious damage is minimal it still creates a problem.

The thing to learn from small-impact risks in the IoT is that they can cause problems with information stored on the devices such as a fitness tracker. What if a device contains personal information or financial information? That could compromise a person’s identity or cause financial harm. Both high-impact and low-impact security risks need to be addressed if the IoT is to be safe and marketed on a large scale.

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